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Latest News

Meetings with potential issuers and Investors

PPH has initiated meetings with potential issuers and Investors now that the official approvals process has been concluded. Implementation negotiations will now begin and as such negotiations are sensitive we will not issue any news updates on this for the time being.

SARB grants approval for PurePlay® Gold Note as Local Asset

At a meeting today between SARB, the potential Market Maker and PPH, SARB approved Local Asset status for the application for the 1st PurePlay® Gold Note subject to the completion of some formalities.

National Treasury concludes its process

PPH has been advised by SARB that National Treasury has concluded its process and that the matter is back at SARB. SARB will have an internal process to complete whereafter SARB will revert.

PPH requests follow up meeting with National Treasury

PPH has requested a follow up meeting with National Treasury to address any obstacles that may still prevent an approval of its request to have PurePlay® Instruments classified as a Local Asset. We now have an open dialogue with National Treasury and will report when we have a result.

Official notification of USA trademark registration

PPH today received official notification that no further objections were raised against its trademark and that its trademark has been registered in the USA.

Follow-up with National Treasury

The approval of Local Status of the PurePlay® Instruments is still in the official process. It is a new product with no precedents so the right fit inside official policy must be found and may need some adjustment. The process in ongoing.

Patents and Trade Marks

The Intellectual Property of PurePlay Holdings (Pty) Ltd is protected by world-wide pending Patents.

Trademarks awaiting registration are PurePlay™, Nature’s Vault™, As Good as Gold™ and Sp☼t True Value™.

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