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Diversified Mining Corporation (“DMC”) – A Practical Case Study using PurePlay® Instruments to convert a highly indebted mining corporation into a secure debt free entity. DMC has $4bn in debt and is paying an average interest rate of 5.75% on that debt. This model will keep all variables equal over the period to ensure that the results are entirely due to the PurePlay® Instrument Issuance Program and all measurements relate directly to it.

These are the variables that we will use:

The Monthly Cash Flow results are:

The Annual Cash Flow results are:

The cash flow generated from the PurePlay® Instrument Issuance Programs in the various commodities has more than eliminated the $4bn in debt. Note that DMC has not made any other repayments on the debt. The $4bn debt has been eliminated from the cash received from sales of PurePlay® Instruments and from the interest savings achieved. The incredible result is that the debt of $4bn has been reduced to a liability for Extraction, Refinement and Delivery of only $1.657bn without DMC making any debt repayments at all, through the intelligent use of Sales of Proven and Probable Reserves using PurePlay® Instruments. Actually DMC has $127,226,540.48 of extra cash in the bank after doing this whole PurePlay® Instrument Program so the net liability is only $1.53bn. See the effects visually in the next slide.


The benefit of Debt Displacement using PurePlay® Instruments is vividly demonstrated in the following chart:

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